Wednesday, May 02, 2012

April wrap-up

Hey guys and girls,

the april is over and it was a pretty good month overall. I'll just start with the graph and then explain what happened:

You obv already know what happened at game 480 :D (for those who don't remember/didn't know: Brag Post ) Well, after the ship, i played way more MTTs for the next few days, obv up to $215 BI and combined with a pretty bad run at 180s (esp at 35s and 60s), i lost ~$4k in the next 3-4 sessions lol. It's pretty similar thing to what happened last year when i played too many tables and at way too high stakes, fortunately, i realized what's going on soon enough :)

The reason why i didn't recover from the downswing is basically 35s and 60s as i lost $3.7k in those in 136 games, lolsample and that's bit less than -100 BI, nothing to worry about it :)

The second best thing that happened this month is that i finally bought new PC!
Pretty good thing:
Intel i7-2600K (3.4GHz)
120GB SSD drive (for poker mostly) and 1TB SATA3 HDD for the rest
Geforce GTX 550 Ti

Graphics card isn't great, tho i don't really need it. Only for occasional gaming nights :) However, i'm really happy now that i can play as many tables as i want WITH HUD and it's not lagging at all! (except rare <1s lags because of my internet) That's sooo cool, i actually had 44 tables open at one of my sessions and it wasn't THAT hard to handle them, tho i'm usually trying to keep ~36 games running. This definitely helps my volume as well, which obv is a great thing :)

Now a bit about other things in life, i'll start with bodybuilding. That's going pretty well, since my last post on April 3rd, i gained ~1.6kg (current weight: 60.6kg). It's not much, but poker messed up my eating schedule a bit in last two weeks, tho it's getting better now. I do enjoy pretty much every minute spent in the gym, even tho i don't like all the exercises i have to do, but it's really cool to feel that i'm way more powerful than i was ~2 months ago :) Also, quite a lot of people notice that i'm bigger now, so i'm happy that my efforts are actually showing up. Still got a long way to go until i reach my goal, but i enjoy every moment of it :)

The weather is finally great here (already had two really hot days +29 C ), now it's not that hot, ~+22 C, but there are no clouds so it's great and i've been spending way more time outside. I actually started walking quite a lot compared to what i used to do and it would probably sound really strange to most(probs all) of my real life friends, but i do enjoy it haha.

I'm quite happy about where i am now in my life, obv there are things that need some work and there are things i'm satisfied with, but that's just life, just gotta do what i gotta do to get where i wanna be :)

And this leads to the last and very short part, goals! I thought what i could aim for in May, figured that there's only one thing worth aiming:

[ ] Do my best at everything i'm doing!

(hopefully i put that sentence right)

That's all for now, have fun and good luck in May ;)


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  1. 36 tabling's ridic man. halve it and more than double ur roi :)